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Welcome to Car Nanny

We are the new owner of Greenside Shine and very excited to meet you! CAR NANNY is a Five Star rated mobile car wash with three downtown locations. There are prices for certain “basic” services, plus a complicated list of add-ons for optional cleaning items, like interior, tires, headlights, rims and seats. Some of our competitors even charge you more for a “deep” clean! But why would you want anything less than a complete deep cleaning of your car, truck, van or SUV? Our work is always 100% guaranteed and if anything ever goes wrong, we will make it right immediately. We have a proven system that is much quicker than what you are used to. For the INT/EXT mini-detail, 60-90 minutes. For the complete vehicle restoration, just 2-3 hours. And we guarantee to finish on time.

You can book a single or monthly car wash online today! We also have handy apps available to download for your Apple or Android phone.


We are still mostly by reservation only but are building in some flexibility for walk-ups. Reservations should be made at least 12 hours in advance. We also have handy apps available to download for your Apple or Android phone however we also take reservations by email, text and phone (preferably text or email).


We will be onsite at the club as always on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. However, we are now able to come to your home or office during the week for a small travel fee.


We know you have more than one car at home that you need serviced. We will be rolling out multi-vehicle plans soon. Washes can be done anywhere.


We will be installing drop boxes at the club where you can now just park and leave your keys in the dropbox. A punch code KEY RETURN boxes located next to the dropbox has also been installed for picking up your car. After your service is complete, you will receive a text stating for example that your car is done and your keys are in return box #1 and the code is 123.


For golfers, swimmers and exercisers, the dropbox and key return will be just inside the club house. We will have an additional drop off location at the tennis facility.


Currently you are being billed through the club however moving forward we will be direct billing you after this weekend. It is an easy transition process all you need to do is input your credit/debit card information and automatic billing will be activated. Moving to this processes is the best way for the club to continue to provide this excellent service at competitive rates.


CAR NANNY will never upsell you. We have two services. The INT/EXT Mini-Detail and the Complete Car Restoration. The difference in service is how dirty your car is. If you have dog hair, mud, lots of kiddos and/or have not washed your vehicle in months, the complete restoration is what you need. Otherwise, each month we will detail your vehicle using all that we do to keep it in pristine condition. We are also happy to tell you that wax is now included in all mini-details. It keeps the exterior cleaner and the car in better shape for resale. Plus, your ride looks awesome all the time.


If you have a spill, bump into something, have foggy headlights, get a scratch or anything else that is outside the norm, just let us know and we will try to accommodate you in the allotted time for NO additional charge. We can get most everything.


We are still working on the annual memberships and multi-vehicle family plans. Pricing for the base services is below.

Schedule Your Car Wash

You can call us to schedule a wash at your convenience or set up a regular day and time for your auto detailing. We do everything we can to offer a hassle-free service. Let us wash your car while you’re at work, shopping or running other errands.

You’ll get a perfectly clean car that’s ready when you need it and don’t have to waste time waiting.



or $59 for large

Schedule Now

Full Body Hand Wax. Windows, mirrors, carpet stains, door and trunk wells, under the seats, leather clean and condition, inside the gas tank door, cup holders, center console, AC vents, runner boards, floor pedals, wheel covers, bug and tar, glove box, headlight cleaning, floor mats, light scratches & more.



or $199 for large

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Everything that is included in the Interior/Exterior Hand Wash plus a Full Body Hand Wax that will make your vehicle shine like the day you brought it home from the dealer! Remember that feeling. Feel that way again. We recommend waxing your car twice a year, once in the spring & once in the fall.

Pricing That Can’t Be Beat

To make sure we can offer you great value for your Richmond auto detailing, we’ve simplified our car cleaning plans and always provide a thorough cleaning. Our goal is to give your car the best clean it has ever had and become your first choice every time you want your vehicle cleaned.