Turn to Car Nanny for the Most Thorough Car Wash

Do you dread getting out your bucket, water and cloth to wash your car by hand? Is it a hassle for you to pull out your vacuum and try to remove all the dirt and crumbs from your car interior? Do you find it frustrating to go down to the local car wash just to wait in line for a car wash that misses the dirt in hard-to-reach places?

It’s for people like you that we created Car Nanny. Our team of professional detailers goes over your car from the tip of the antenna to the wheels on the ground. We do a more thorough cleaning than you’ll find anywhere else in Richmond or Midlothian, VA. We provide hand car washing services that offer many significant advantages over regular car washes:

  • Our detailers don’t miss anything. They’ll wash inside your gas tank door, around your mirrors and in the openings in your grille and air intakes for a thorough clean.
  • We also get unseen areas such as your wheel wells and along your rocker panels. This removes any stubborn dirt and can help avoid corrosion in the long-term.
  • Thanks to our high-quality car wash products, we can wash without using water, which is a big plus for the environment, unlike other car washes that consume a lot of water.
  • When it comes to your interior, you don’t have to do a thing to prepare. We’ll carefully remove car seats and other personal items and put them back for you when we’re done.
  • To leave your seats and carpets like new, our crews spend time vacuuming in tight spaces that can trap crumbs, like under your seats and around your seatbelts and trim.

You really won’t find better car washing and detailing in Richmond. Our advanced products are designed for every type of surface and materials, like your car exterior, windows, tires, rims, seat fabric or leather and plastics. The result is a deep clean, a streak-free finish and a perfect shine that makes your car look like a million bucks!

We Don’t Miss an Inch With Our 25-Point Quality Checklist

We apply a simple philosophy when we wash and detail your car: We treat it like our own vehicle. None of us want to drive a car, truck, van or SUV that didn’t get a deep and thorough professional clean, so why would you? To make it easier to benefit from our services, we’re located in ten local parking garages spread conveniently around town. If you prefer, our mobile auto detailing brings our expertise to where you are so you can save time and hassle. Download our app for even more convenience booking your car detailing and use our secure online payment options (Visa, MasterCard, AMEX or Discovery).

It’s the little touches that make CAR NANNY stand out from the rest. If it rains within 24 hours of your car wash, we’ll even wipe your car down again! With a 97% customer satisfaction rating, we’re sure you’ll be happy with the result and make it right if you aren’t. That’s how passionate we are about clean cars, so if you’re in the Richmond area, go online today to book the best car detailing your car has ever had!

Get back the new car smell with that new car look.

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