Car Nanny Car Wax Services

Having your car professionally waxed isn’t just about making it look great. When our expert detailers here at Car Nanny wax your car, it ends up looking fantastic — but there are other benefits to waxing the exterior of your car:

  • Waxing helps protect your paint. As your car gets older, sun, rain and pollution can slowly eat away at the protective finish on your paint, leaving it dull and flaking. A quality wax restores a layer of protection to your car, meaning it will keep its shine longer.
  • Waxing helps maintain the value of your car. A dull and faded vehicle has less value than one with a like-new shine. If you’re planning on selling your vehicle or simply want to maintain the value for years to come, a professional wax job is the most affordable solution.
  • Waxing helps resist water and dirt accumulation. A waxed car allows water to flow off, avoiding the water spots you see on un-waxed cars. Dirt and grime also have a harder time sticking to a waxed car, so your waxed car will stay looking great for longer.

If you’ve ever waxed a car yourself, you know how much work it is. When you’re not equipped with the right products, tools and techniques, waxing can be a real pain. That’s where our team comes in. We’re trained in hand waxing services and know how to treat every surface of your car.

We don’t just get the flat surfaces of your hood, doors, fenders, trunk and roof. We focus on every square inch of your car’s exterior, including tight curves, bends, creases and around your grille, headlights and taillights. Why break your back and spend hours trying to get a professional-quality wax when you can turn to the Richmond leader in car hand waxing?

Get back the new car smell with that new car look.

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Full-Service Auto Detailing

The key to getting a perfect wax is starting with the perfect clean. Our professional auto detailers strip off all road dirt and grime with our high-quality waterless cleaning products. Once your car exterior is spotless, we apply our advanced waxes to bring back the shine your car had when it was new on the dealer’s lot.

At CAR NANNY, we’ve built our reputation as the leading Richmond, VA car detailing service thanks to our deep, thorough cleaning and attention-to-detail. We’ll finish off your car wash with a hand wax that restores your car to its former glory. You can book an appointment online for a cleaning at one of our ten convenient parking lot locations across Richmond (including downtown parking garages at James Center, Williams Mullen, Gateway Plaza and Haxall Point) or arrange for our handy mobile car wash service. Let us come to you so that we can detail the interior and exterior of your car and apply a long-lasting wax while you work, shop or relax and save you time and effort.

We also have a handy app available for download on Apple or Google. You can always pay for your car wash by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, AMEX or Discovery) and rest assured knowing that we’re fully insured in case of any problems. We work hard to satisfy customers and boast a 97% satisfaction rate which is proof of our attention to detail.

Check out our monthly membership plans to set up a regular wash and go online and use our simple form to book an “A La Carte” auto detailing at your convenience.