Membership Program

Membership Programs for Car Nanny Auto Detailing

Modern life is busy. Between running from home to school, work, shopping and other errands, it can be hard to find time to take care of things like washing your car. If you enjoy driving around in a professionally cleaned car (and who doesn’t?), consider our Car Nanny membership program. Our simple, straightforward plans don’t have a bunch of expensive add-ons that you need to include for a thorough car detailing.

We are the leading Richmond auto cleaning company and have created the best membership plan around!

Designed for Your Life

To keep things simple for you, our membership plan is easy to understand. When you sign up at Car Nanny, you get to choose:


  • The number of washes you want per month
  • Which of our ten Richmond locations is the most convenient for you
  • Whether you’d like to take advantage of our mobile wash service
  • If you want a regular monthly date and time or on-the-fly service


Our goal isn’t to lock you into a strict plan. On the contrary — we want to offer you the flexibility your busy life demands for convenient, hassle-free car washing and detailing. We perform exterior and interior cleaning that removes dirt even from hard-to-reach areas and offer hand waxing for a like-new shine.

Choice Is Good

At CAR NANNY, we think choice is good. When you sign up for our membership, you can pick your favorite location. We are located in parking garages across the city, including WilliamsMullen, James Center, Haxall Point and Gateway Plaza. This makes it easy for you to drop your car off when you’re going to work or running errands and pick it up spotless when you’re done. If you want to choose one location this month and a different location next time, no problem!

We also let you schedule according to your convenience. Many of our customers benefit from a regular day and time every month for a professional car detailing, but you’re also free to call us for a wash or detail whenever you want.

That’s the advantage of turning to a trusted and complete car detailing company like CAR NANNY. Your satisfaction is our goal (we boast a 97% satisfaction rate!), and we want to continue building our reputation as the leading auto detailing company in Richmond and the surrounding areas.

How is your car, truck, van or SUV looking right now? Could it use an exterior and interior cleaning and professional hand wax? Take a look at our various membership options for more information and book online. Your vehicle will look like the day you bought it — inside and out!

Come and find out why more and more Richmond customers are turning to CAR NANNY for the most complete and hassle-free auto detailing services around!